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really bored

I like how theres no pressure to do anything in this community....

1/Name : Lissy
2/age :Fourteen
3/Sex : I am girl
4/Location: the computer desk
5/Can you play an istrument ?: not really
6/If so what ? :I am learning drums...
7/Favorite band ? :alot....relientK..many more
8/Band you hate the most ?: Jimmy Eat World & Simple Plan
9/Your music icon (NOTE: This is not a journal icon, but a person in music you look up to!) : meh dunno
10/Band that should call it a day : ummm...
11/Band that should reform (dead or alive) : dunno
12/Favorite Lyric? :"Opinions are immunity, to being told you're wrong" haha
13/First cd you ever bought? : Twila Paris when I was like 7..
14/ Last cd you bought ?: Hawk Nelson "Letters to the president" but now I am not soo sure I want it
15/ Do you rock?: of course.
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